Wednesday, October 18, 2006

plumbing disasters .....


ok it could have been a plumbing disaster - i mean, it first started as just taking out a sink that needed to be removed from a wall and re-routing the hot and cold feeds from the boiler room to a new (not there yet) kitchen, into the currently gutted bathroom and up two floors to another bathroom and kitchen.

over a 100 feet of copper pipe, endless amounts of flux, 90 deg, tee's, 45 deg and solder - priming all the pipe for fitting and two pretty bad burns from falling solder (poor Phil and Jared and hubbie)....yet when we finally (slowly) opened up each shut-off ...only one leak from a fitting that was

so at 10:30pm Jared literally ran up the driveway, jumped into his car and zoomed back to billerica - not that I blamed him at all....and Phil slowly walked up the driveway and headed to woburn...

now i can wash my hands of flux and grime and hubbie and i can watch LOST

I'll post the pictures of the "modern art" plumbing job done in my basement renovations...



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